Collection: Yellow Tablecloths

To add a spirit of cheerfulness to your home, there is no other color as bright or more luminous than yellow. In most cultures, yellow signifies happiness, warmth, hope, optimism, and spring. 

Shades of lemon, amber, or gold bring a note of celebration to any gathering. Combine with hints of green to bring springtime instantly into the house. Or, add layers of blue with sunshine yellow to incorporate the brilliance of daytime into your tablescape.

These bright shades are perfect for spring and summer, or for when you want to bring a bit of these joyful seasons to your table.

Handmade in India, our block-printed linens and tablecloths are as gorgeous as they are good for the environment. Like our other textiles, they are made from 100% pure cotton, and our artisans only use natural dyes.