About Us

A Mix of luxe farmhouse and Parisian Boho.

August Table offers handmade block printed linens crafted in India with partners who have honed a centuries old craft.  Our cotton is mill made with eco-friendly materials and our artisans use all natural dyes. 

Carrie and Krister Allen founded August Table to inspire you to connect with friends and loved ones for meaningful conversations around a table.  Pulling from their southern roots and gracious living of by-gone eras, they want to encourage you to keep things simple, fresh and beautiful with the hope of bringing more joy, more love and more laughter to your table.

We are passionate about beautiful design, eating delicious healthy food, and connecting with loved ones around the table.   We have designed hand block printed linens for your table, your kitchen and you.  Our blog, August Ardor, brings you recipes, entertaining ideas, and inspiration. 

Join us at the table.

August Table linens were selected by Kathie Lee and Hoda as one of their Favorite Things on the Today Show in April 2019. 


Our Story
Husband and wife team Krister and Carrie Allen founded August Table to inspire everyone in the kitchen and around the table.  With a luxe farmhouse and Parisian boho aesthetic, they want to motivate and encourage you to keep things simple, fresh and beautiful.  They work with an amazing team at a small factory in India to design their own block-printed textile patterns for napkins, tablecloths, dishtowels and more.  Additionally, they get great pleasure in knowing through the production of their textiles they are providing a source of income to many village families in an environmentally positive approach with mill made cotton and natural dyes.  Using cloth napkins is good for the environment, our napkins get better and softer with each wash, and add a touch of boho while adding elegance to your meal.

Carrie Earle Allen
Carrie Earle Allen is both Co-owner and Co-founder of August Table.  August Table is a lifelong dream of Carrie’s inspired by spending summers at her grandparents’ property in Virginia nestled next to the water of the Chesapeake Bay.  Her grandmother was the ultimate southern hostess and made everything from scratch, yet she always kept things simple and elegant.  Carrie has always loved to gather people at her table.

An entrepreneur by nature, Carrie has led and launched many successful endeavors over the years from co-founding, with a Harvard professor, an innovation education program that she grew to 23 sites globally, to more recently as Managing Partner of CIC Captains of Innovation, she created a corporate innovation consulting firm - where she and her team coach fortune 500 companies to stay innovative, seek new technologies, new business models and connect with startups globally. 

Krister Randolph Allen
Krister Allen is both Co-Owner and Co-founder of August Table.  Krister has had a life-long commitment to beautiful design and architecture.  He is the owner of Straight Line Building Design where he has designed commercial and residential projects ranging from large multi-structure complexes and waterfront estates to small 250 sq. ft wilderness cabins in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Florida.