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Pick this color for your tablecloth and you’ll see; pink is a miracle color, all by itself. 

But paired with orange, this softer than soft warm color transforms into the vibrant sunsets of our dreams. With gray, pink turns a room into streamlined sophistication. And with green, we feel as if we’re transported to an avenue filled with cherry blossoms. 

The shades of this versatile color are associated with romance, gentleness, and caring. Whether a blush of sea-shell pink appeals to your creative side or you’d rather see a soft rosefinch adorn your table, you’ll find our pinks are a celebration.

Handmade in India, our block-printed linens and tablecloths are as gorgeous as they are good for the environment. Like our other textiles, they are made from 100% pure cotton, and our artisans only use natural dyes.