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Green Napkins

Talelayo Napkins - set of 4 in blue and green
Regular price $32.00
Trillium Napkins - set of 4 in Lancaster
Regular price $48.00 $24.00 Sale
Villa Vaux - Grand Gray and Green Napkins
Regular price $44.00
Seraphim Napkins - set of 4 in Aphrodite
Regular price $48.00
Juniper Evergreen Napkins
Regular price $44.00
Talelayo Napkins - set of 4 in Pacific Green
Regular price $44.00
Villa Vaux - Petit Tern Gray Napkins
Regular price $44.00 $29.99 Sale

Soft greens are calming and relaxing, while vibrant hues can be invigorating.

With its association with freshness and nature, this color is where we go when we want to feel centered again, to dip our toes in the lushness of the joyous, greening world.

Bring this beauty to your living space with organic linens and napkins, and add corresponding accents throughout your home in natural textures and patterns.

Handmade in India, our block-printed linens and cloth dinner napkins are as gorgeous as they are good for the environment. Like our other textiles, they are made from 100% pure cotton, and our local artisans use only natural dyes. We make our cloth dinner napkins in hopes that they will be a special addition to your memorable events.

August Table cloth napkin sets contain four, 20” square napkins.