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Blue Tablecloths

Villa Vaux - Petit Blue Runner
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Villa Vaux Grand Tablecloth - Blue and White
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Juniper Slate Tablecloth
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If you long for a serene tablescape, choose blue for a calming coastal color that invites your guests to relax. Experience the tranquility of the blue mind--a state of contentment that includes feelings of serenity and connectedness.

Studies suggest that this holy color can even lower your blood pressure. A touch of blue--or a proliferation--provides the perfect addition to your table and puts the world on hold while you enjoy the company of the people you love.

Handmade in India, our block-printed linens and tablecloths are as gorgeous as they are good for the environment. Like our other textiles, they are made from 100% pure cotton, and our artisans only use natural dyes.