Todd Maul – Fall Daquiri


We have all had a daiquiri rum, lime and sugar. It is one of my favorite drinks. The Daiquiri is a simple yet complex drink and on a hot day what else are you going to drink? and on a cold day…. why not.

It is a magical beverage brought into the American consciousness as an aside from  the after effects of the Spanish-American War. The beverage has morphed from citrus and sugar in rum  to cut the rum harsh flavor to the “Army Navy Daiquiri” to the Papa Doble aka Hemingway daiquiri made famous at the El Floridity in Havana, to any number of other variations.

I have made several variations in my time behind the bar. The latest is one anyone can make in their home.

The Fall Daiquiri 

2oz Dos Maderas PX rum
1oz Clement sirop De Canne
1/2oz lime juice (we clarify the lime at CAS but it is not necessary to enjoy this drink. It stands up to regular lime.)

Todd Maul

Todd Maul is Co-Founder of Cafe ArtScience in Cambridge, MA and an amazing mixologist who has revolutionized the way we see cocktails.


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