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Happy Holidays!

Every year I make something special as Christmas presents for various people who worked with me throughout the year.  This year I made 4 pouches for 4 ladies, who supported me in many ways.  I love colors and I actually feel colors in people.

The first pouch I made is for the lady who likes black. She is very mature compared to her age, but she has very strong and bright colors inside her. I am not sure if she realizes this though!

One is for the lady who always stays calm, whatever happens, and she is modest, but I feel her intelligence and clearness. She is like a big tree staying quiet growing her roots firm in the earth.

For the lady who attracts people and brings a lot of joy, she is always moving around like the golden wind with sparkling sand gold.

For the fourth, she is clever. She is right. She is a perfectionist, but she has an inner artist and this artist enjoys expressing her freedom sometimes. She has deep color, perhaps because of her many inner layers.

The world of color fascinates me. I love the special moments of picking out colors and fabrics for my loving friends and making something special for them.  This is the way that I express my gratitude and connect to the them.

With best wishes for Christmas!
Makiko Aikawa

Makiko Aikawa is a color spiritualist, mother, wife, daughter, producer, promotor, coordinator, connector….has so many hats!  Through her experience of living and traveling in Asia, Europe and the US, she is good at mixing culture and making very personalized products and connecting people in the world.

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